Edward Bencini

Senior Partner, Bencini and Associates
We appointed Engineering Services Ltd (now Enser Ltd) as our M. & E. consultants for the Diplomat Hotel project, at Sliema, in 1988. This was our first direct experience working together on a large project, and their services were delivered promptly, efficiently, and thoroughly.
We subsequently appointed Enser Ltd on a variety of other projects, and we have always found them to be co-operative in the design, paying particular attention to detail, advising us of the building services requirements accurately, and co-ordinating the interface with the architectural and structural elements of the projects. Their service related to third parties such as Enemalta, Water Services, Civil Protection Department, was also delivered effectively.
To the best of our knowledge, our clients have always been pleased with the Enser Ltd engineering designs which they found cost effective, and at their level of site supervision, which was careful and accurate.

Andreas Schweizer

Partner and CEO, Suiselectra Ingenieurunternehmung AG
Basel, Switzerland
We are engineering consultants to Siegfried Generics Ltd in Zoffingen, Switzerland.  When these decided to open a factory in Malta, they have appointed us once more as their Engineering Consultants. In turn we have appointed Engineering Services Ltd (now Enser Ltd) to assist us in the design as we did not have the necessary experience with Maltese Laws and Regulations as well as for contractor site supervision since it was convenient to have local presence.
We found this Maltese Practice to be very knowledgeable about British Regulations (which are the norm in Malta), as well as very experienced in Industrial Installations and very precise and careful and perseverant until all snags are duly completed.
Further we have enjoyed teaming with their practice, since they were sincere, reliable, and always honest and loyal to us and our clients.

Joseph Preca

Chief Executive Officer, Preluna Hotel and Towers
We have been associated with Enser Ltd for the past 35 years, when we embarked on the Preluna Towers project.  At the time the company comprised two engineers. They have always provided innovative and cost-effective solution.  As a company they have been reliable, and we have always felt that they are loyal to us as clients.  Particularly during critical faults, they have been reliably and quickly present on site to remedy the situation.
Under their direction we have organised the maintenance department, helping us to employ new technical staff and have assisted us to refurbish and upgrade all the services at Preluna Hotel which had become old and required replacement, on many occasions directing inhouse resources.  They have additionally assisted us in the design and execution of new areas both for Preluna direct and for letting out.  They have also successfully applied on our behalf for funds to execute upgrades to the engineering set-ups.

Danilo Tassi

Dottore in Chimica Industriale
Ravenna, Emilia-Romana, Italy
I have worked with Enser Ltd (at the time known as Engineering Services Ltd) when I worked as Director for JV CCC-CMR Malta Ltd  who were in a joint venture with DEGREMONT ITALIA SPA to install a water treatment plant in Ta’ Barkat near Xghajra, in Malta. This plant can treat about 60,000 cubic metres per day.  The Maltese practice were acting as Consultant both with us and with Degremont.
Throughout the project I have worked very close with Ing Anton Cutajar whose practice was carrying out the detailed electrical design and installation supervision of the plant.  I have enjoyed working with Anton who I found very co-operative, knowledgeable, and loyal.  His vast experience in industrial electrical distribution has helped a lot in the successful completion of the project.