Hotel facilities are normally very demanding and require a creative approach in the way that the various services are finished to integrate within the environment.  There is always a requirement for specialist lighting, flexible lighting control, comprehensive air conditioning and ventilation, reliable power distribution with standby facilities, as well as CCTV and other security requirements.  The building management including energy metering is obviously a must.

The Hotel Industry

We have extensive experience in the hospitality field.  Over the past few decades, we have designed a number of hotels both in Malta and in Gozo, building in-depth experience on all the component requirements of this industry.

We have teamed up with clients to provide exact solutions for their requirements.  With a sensitive approach to design and unrivalled engineering intellect, our team is perfectly placed to facilitate excellence in this competitive field.  We work with leading hotel brands, established architects, property developers, and management companies to create exceptional, sustainable and cost-effective buildings that will generate value for their owners far into the future.

Above all, we know it is the guests who matter most.  Whether we’re designing a five star hotel on the Sliema seafront or a smaller boutique hotel in one of the quiet villages, our sights remain firmly on the end user.  Our philosophy is to create places where the guests will enjoy and remember and where their requirements are always easy to find.

We have a responsible portofolio in this field having completely undertaken the work of the Preluna Towers, The Diplomat Hotel, Bay Point Hotel, Grand Hotel, St. Patrick’s Hotel and also designed individual facilities like the Fortina Health Centre, The Preluna Wellness and Spa and the Ta’ Cenc Pool and Spa.