Industrial Buildings

Industrial buildings have a number of challenges to be met as each type requires a different approach. A pharmaceutical factory requires Clean Rooms and clean room technology, a bottling plant required the exact understanding of the process, and other types of plants each have their own requirements to be met.

A cleanroom is a room in which the concentration of airborne particles is controlled and which is constructed and used to minimise the introduction, generation and retention of particles inside a room. Air flow rates and direction, pressurisation, temperature, humidity and specialised filtration all need to be tightly controlled.  Clean areas for the manufacture of products are classified according to the required characteristics of the environment. Each manufacturing operation requires an appropriate environmental cleanliness level in the operational state in order to minimise the risks of particulate or microbiological contamination of the product or materials being handled.

The bottling plant requires different a philosophy altogether. The areas are equipment intensive with heavy demands for power. Sound attenuation is to be considered. Ventilation once more is vital as on many occasions requires the direct extraction of air from items of equipment. The plant complex has warehouses, whose fire loads are large and require a specialized fire fighting system involving smoke extraction and sprinkler installation. Interfloor and interbuilding conveying systems require elaborate fire stop arrangements. Buildings generally require also different types of water, distribution of gas, handling of product, installation of compressed air and steam, and a host of other specialized installations, including the provision of plant such as boilers, compressors etc. Finally the building would require complete integration in order to be able to easily monitor and control all services through a building management system.

We had experience in various industrial concerns among which were Siegfried Generics Ltd, Aurobindo Ltd and Farsons Beer Packaging Hall and overlying areas, where we have been instrumental in providing innovative technology and state of art solutions.