Residential Buildings

Apartments, Condominiums, High Rise, Low-Income Or Mixed-Use

Because multi-tenant housing includes so many different configurations of living environments, understanding the inherent risk of each property and building to create a plan that addresses these risks is very important for providing our multi-tenant housing clients the best possible solutions which are flexible and designed in such a way that one tenant will not have an impact on another.

The apartments need to be designed with the tenant in mind providing a good electrical power scheme, plumbing, and air conditioning systems which will not adversely effect other tenants. The apartments must have flexible arrangement for connections to service providers etc. The communal areas and services are of utmost importance. The creation of a custom security system in buildings that house multiple tenants with a three-pronged strategy consisting of life safety, access control and video surveillance systems. Life safety systems may be required by the permit requirements and may therefore be mandatory, access and video are discretionary but not necessarily equal. Installing a video surveillance camera without access control will not prevent unwanted entrance into a building, the former may be a passive deterrent while the latter, an active deterrent. Proper specifications for lifts is of vital importance as well.

Apartment blocks additionally also have underground car-parks, and it is here where specialized fire alarm, ventilation and access shall be provided. Automatic lighting controls, and parking control are additional concepts normally designed.

We have designed apartment blocks ranging from luxurious apartment blocks in Cottonera Waterfront’ Ta’ Monita and Milner Developments to less luxurious complexes such as Social Housing Estates.