Our office has been involved in a number of hospital projects for a number of years.

Our experience in hospitals started with the refurbishing of St. Luke’s Hospital in 1989 when we redesigned the orthopedic wards, the emergency and admittance departments, various wards, installed a new power system with new back-up generating sets, new fibre optic back bone connecting throughout the hospital new oxygen plants and other works.

Eventually, at Mater Dei Hospital we have provided support engineers to carry out quality control and document control throughout all the projects. At one stage we had a team of three engineers and a draughtsman to assist FMS in the various tasks. Eventually, we have co-ordinated large parts of testing and commissioning. We designed and provided the necessary acceptance templates for a number of services. We have witnessed the commission of building services as required by FMS.

At the Oncology Hospital (now called Sir Anthony Mamo Hospital) we were the independent warranted engineers nominated by the contractor. We have been involved since the development of the brief, in the review and checking of detailed design, in the supervision and quality control of the works, in the final commissioning of the work up to the checking of the as-fitted documentation.

We have throughout the years built quite an experience on hospital projects, on HTMs and on other hospital standards required by the local Health Authorities and FMS with whom we always maintained a good relationship.