Looking back, Enser Ltd (previously known as Engineering Services Ltd) was instrumental in upgrading the level of Building Services Installations in Malta, providing design for services traditionally provided by overseas consultants, and providing permanent site supervision on large projects.  This injected a higher quality in the design and cost-effectiveness of the installations.

enser is a building services engineering consultancy firm that strives to utilize the best company resources to exceed client expectations in assisting them to achieve their goals with the most cost-effective solutions while maintaining absolute loyalty to their client.

  • To achieve the highest level of excellence in all areas of the Company’s work;
  • To foster and provide an excellent working environment for all the practice, and cultivate team working and spirit;
  • To be vigilant in the needs of health and safety;
  • To develop design work that respects the environment;
  • To establish, understand and respect client requirements, and strive to exceed clients’ expectations;
  • To maintain clear and concise communications with the Company’s clients;
  • To conduct business in a professional manner and to maintain honesty and integrity in our dealings with our clients;
  • To maintain the Code of Ethics of the Profession;
  • To develop team spirit and partnership with the client and the contractors, be fair in its judgements and promote a partnership attitude in which all stand to gain;
  • To encourage and help all employees to maximise their potential and particularly to have a proper continuous professional development plan for the practice members.